20 Curly Wedding Hairstyles Ideas

Curly Wedding Hairstyles – If you have been blessed with curly hair, then take it from someone that has very straight fine hair that you are very lucky to have what you have. I know, I know…. we always want what we don’t have. I remember growing up with my best friend who had the most beautiful natural curly hair you could ever imagine. Click To Read More

20 Bohemian Wedding Hairstyles Ideas

This article has the best collection of photos of Bohemian Wedding Hairstyles that upcoming brides and even bride’s maids can do for their big day. Photos of Bohemian Wedding Hairstyles for dark hair, brown hair, blonde hair and red hair are shared. Weddings are a lifetime dream of a girl and different girls dream of a different style of wedding. However, for the brides to be desirous of a dreamy romantic wedding would absolutely love the romantic bridal hair styles shared below. Click To Read More

20 Beach Wedding Hairstyles Ideas

Beach Wedding Hairstyles – The latest Beach Wedding Hairstyles for 2016 are fabulous ! I hope you will find your perfect wedding day hairstyle right here. So, you have purchased the bridal gown of your dreams, along with the perfect bridal veil to compliment your beautiful gown. Your brand new fabulous bridal shoes are tucked away in your closet, just waiting for that special day. Click To Read More

20 Wedding Hairstyles for Long Hair

Wedding Hairstyles for Long Hair – Your wedding planning is in full swing. You have made all the major decisions. Now it is time to decide on your hairstyle for the wedding! It is a big decision with so many styles to choose from that it can be confusing. However, a bride I know is taking a smart approach you might want to consider to help in that decision, so your wedding hair is a hairdo and not a hair DON’T! She has started a few months in advance visiting local cosmetology schools, “trying on” different hairstyles, all at a discount rate! Click To Read More

20 Vintage Wedding Hairstyles Ideas

Vintage Wedding Hairstyles – The early experienced major progress in the transition of women’s hairstyles from the traditional long hairstyles of the Victorian era in the nineteenth century – to new short hairstyles like “the bob”, a process that first began during the Great War (WW1). The original straight, plain, and relatively simple short bobbed hair styles of the early were transformed into much more interesting and feminine bobs (with stylish curls and waves) in the middle to late twenties. Click To Read More