20 Garden Wedding Ideas You Will Love

Summer is a popular time for weddings with many brides-to-be intent on taking full advantage of the season and all it has to offer by holding an outdoor Garden Wedding Ideas. Unfortunately, summer is also mosquito season. And while Winston Churchill probably wasn’t the first person you thought of when you got engaged and started planning for the big day. Click To Read More

20 Farm Wedding Ideas Decorations and Favors

Farm Wedding Ideas – He asked…you said “Yes!” Now it’s time to set the date. June is always a big month for weddings…it’s also in many cases extremely hot in some places, not to mention hurricane season in many others. Plus, since summer is such a traditional time of year for weddings, vendors sometimes raise their rates. Fair, no, but that’s the wedding business. Winter is usually too close to all of the holidays and spring has somewhat unpredictable weather. Click To Read More

20 Inexpensive Elegant Wedding Ideas

Elegant Wedding Ideas – When planning your wedding don’t forget the details that can make an average wedding look spectacular. The reception is the most important since this will be the area that your guests will spend the most time in. You spend hours picking out flowers and décor for your reception but most people forget about the perimeter around the reception area. If your having a wedding planner decorate your reception area, ask her about the areas around the outside and interior of your reception. Click To Read More

20 Beautiful Disney Wedding Ideas

Disney Wedding Ideas – When many women (and even men) think of love stories, they will most often turn to Disney. Disney has captured the hearts and imaginations of millions of people, for many years, through it’s beautiful fairy tales of love, friendship, adventure and more. One of my personal favorite Disney movies is Beauty and the Beast. This was actually my wedding theme. Here, I’ll cover some of the aspects of having a Beast and the Beast Wedding, primarily focusing on the reception aspect. Click To Read More

20 Magical Christmas Wedding Ideas

Christmas Wedding Ideas With the Christmas season fast approaching some of you may be planning your wedding day but a Christmas themed wedding can now be held anytime of the year and so here are some helpful ideas to make your special day the winter wonderland you dreamed of or maybe just a classic Christmas theme that can be enjoyed in all seasons. Click To Read More

20 Stunning Burlap Wedding Ideas

Burlap Wedding Ideas – When you think about fabric used in weddings, usually fabrics like silk, satin, tulle, and organza come to mind. Ever since Queen Victoria wore white for her own wedding and set the wedding world on its ear, those have been traditional fabrics used in wedding décor. Over the years, we’ve seen color added in and brides veering away from the traditional white. Little by little, the colors have gotten brighter and more dramatic. Click To Read More

20 Gorgeous Boho Wedding Ideas

We have got lots o’ pages of boho wedding ideas, but I had to pull out some extra speshy rustic-inspired details to give your lacy, flowery dreams life. If you’re looking for lace, flower crowns, flowy sleeves, and wildflowers, this bohemian chic collection is made for you. Don’t miss our hugh jass rustic wedding roundup, too. There’s some definite style mixing to be crafted here. Let’s get to the wedding ideas for your boho wedding! You will definitely going to love these stunning ideas and will try to apply some of them on your upcoming big day! Click To Read More

20 Blue Wedding Ideas for Your Wedding

Blue Wedding Ideas – One of the hottest color schemes for weddings is a combination of chocolate brown with Tiffany blue. Blue and brown compliment each other perfectly and this color combo yields an elegant and upscale feel with the rich deep earth tone that the brown provides. The Tiffany blue color can just as easily be replaced with other similar blue hues such as turquoise, aqua, and even a light blue. Click To Read More

20 Barn Wedding Ideas For The Bride

Barn Wedding Ideas – OK, so you’re in love…you want to get married…and you’re broke. You just don’t have $30,000 to $40,000 to plunk down on a wedding which is what the average wedding is running these days. Heck, if you had that kind of money, you’d be paying off your student loans or buying a new car instead of riding around in that 1984 Ford Tempo. Yeah, yeah, it’s a classic…whatever. Time to put on your thinking cap and get creative. Maybe you’re a really casual kind of couple, your fiancé grew up in Iowa on a farm, just your average country boy not quite brought up in a barn, but kinda close…hey, wait a minute, BARN, that’s it! Why not have your wedding in a barn?! Click To Read More